• Formative assessments

This is anything completed under practice conditions. It is a range of assessment procedures put in place by the tutor in order to monitor and modify lessons to improve student attainment. All formative assessments build a learning journey and evidence in the form of consultation sheets and witness testimonies.

  • Summative assessments

This is a final assessment of competency. The student must cover all of the outcome criteria and work within the given commercially viable time constraints, complete the tasks to a set standard and demonstrate excellent knowledge to successfully pass a summative assessment within this course.

  • Evidence

All data collected during the course is considered evidence. This will include consultation forms, photographic evidence, videos, witness testimonies, written assignments, exam papers.

  • Practical

All work completed on a Block or model is considered practical work. This a hands on experience carrying out all aspects of hairdressing duties.

  • Theory

This is an auditory lesson using PowerPoint presentations to embed the necessary information required for each unit of the Hairdressing qualification. Theory lessons also include professional discussions, completing worksheets and constructive instruction.

  • Resources

All equipment used in both theory or practical lessons are considered resources. This will include PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, all learning material, Online learning platforms, video tutorials and all practical equipment and products.

  • Assignments

These are a list of relevant questions from each unit including case studies for the student to complete. All assignments 2 are time sensitive and will be uploaded onto the online learning platform.

  • Portfolio

This is a folder comprising the assignments for each unit, Formative and Summative evidence, worksheets and any other relevant documents.

  • Tutor/Assessor

This is the person who is ultimately responsible for educating and assessing the students work throughout the course.