Why Study at the Boathouse Academy

Short Courses

Our courses are designed to cater for all skill levels of learners. We have discovered through research that students who have previously gained qualifications from colleges or further education facilities, did not have the skills and knowledge in their industry required for employment.

Our courses are designed, not just to educate but to ignite passion for an industry that is forever growing and evolving. We have created the ideal training program that allows students to complete their training in a shorter time frame and allows them to fit the course in and around their current lives and commitments.

Small Classes

All students will have the opportunity to work within a real working salon environment. The small classes will optimize the students’ engagement and will allow more 1 to 1 time with tutors and assessors.
All classes are taught by industry professionals with over 30 years experience and students can feel confident that they will leave The Boathouse Academy with the knowledge, confidence and skills required for an onward successful career in Hairdressing. All that is required is the commitment and determination to succeed.


Our enrichment programs are aimed to encourage students to gain further knowledge of the hairdressing industry. These experiences include days out to hairdressing events and in salon visits from our hair care brands and organisations.


At the Boathouse Academy, we aim to give students the best possible results right from the beginning.

  • All revision material is available on our online learning platform
  • The online learning platform allows students to engage with the tutors outside of lesson time in relation to the course content. This support encourages the students to interact at their own leisure meaning they can fit the course in around their own lives and commitments.

We offer the highest quality of NVQ Hairdressing Diplomas.

All 20 week diploma courses feature in class learning and online learning platforms. Both in salon classes and online learning platforms are a compulsory part of the course. Failure to attend the classes or complete set work will result in students falling behind and may result in removal from the programme. To successfully complete the programme, students will be graded on the range of assignments, exams and formative/summative assessments.

Interactive Learning is at the core of The Boathouse Academy

A typical day in the classroom

Classes will commence at 9.00 am and students will be introduced to the theory of Hairdressing. This will change weekly and is governed by student’s progress. All theory material is available on the online learning platform and is recapped in preparation for an exam. Theory is also embedded throughout the whole program including during practical demonstrations.
After lunch, students will embark on a practical adventure, firstly using training heads and then moving onto paying clients as their confidence grows. Once the students have progressed, formative and summative assessments will take place, ensuring that the student is guided through the whole process of summative assessment. At the end of the day, students will have time to discuss the day’s events, recap on theory and discuss requirements for set homework.

What does the course involve?

In order to successfully complete the program, students will be graded and assessed on a range of the following:

  • Assignments for each unit
  • Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Exams

The online learning platform will include

Module resources


Class projects

Video tutorials


Material is also uploaded a week in advance to prepare students for the week ahead to ensure that they are familiar with the course content and requirements.