Training for a better future

Hairdressing has recently been voted the happiest career choice. Every day is full of exciting and new creative challenges. You will work alongside creative and inspiring people and be part of the ever changing fashion industry.

Career Paths

With our recognised qualifications, you could choose many of the different career paths such as

  • Salon Manager/owner
  • Travel and cruise liner staff
  • Artistic Designers
  • Product educator
  • NVQ Tutor/ Assessor
  • Colour Technician

Or you could choose to work within the theatre or film industry, working on fashion shows or photoshoots.

The possibilities are endless and within your reach

With the current climate that is ever-changing and unpredictable, so many careers are becoming obsolete. Become part of one that will never be replaced by a computer, one that will leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired every day, one that will bring you new and exciting challenges.

Become part of the happiest team with our level 2 & 3 courses for adult learners.

At The Boathouse Academy, we believe that our structured and intimate learning environment will allow our students to become confident, well-rounded Hairstylists within 20 weeks.